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China crane "encounter" European Cup opportunity

As we all know, no matter in production or again in use, China has been the largest crane market, in the export also has an irreplaceable position. Although the export volume has been reduced in recent years due to the influence of the domestic and foreign economic situation, it is rumoured that the export volume will welcome opportunities again as 2012 approaches, especially in the European market. Although the number of small cranes on the European market at this stage has been overflowing, but for large cranes, the market "encounter" opportunities will be more and more.
One of the opportunities: the 2012 European football championships
Now Poland is busy preparing for UEFA's Euro 2012 football championships, and as one of the host countries of the tournament, it needs a lot of investment. For example, the Warsaw National Stadium, one of the key construction projects for the 2012 European Championship in the Polish capital. At the same time, substantial investment in transport infrastructure is still needed, with large projects alone expected to cost more than 1 billion euros, which is nearly 30% of the country's current national construction expenditure. The housing and infrastructure markets are booming again, with big projects in housing and infrastructure. In terms of infrastructure construction, the crane is absolutely one of the indispensable machinery, so this is definitely a huge market share for Chinese crane manufacturers as long as they can reach cooperation.
Opportunity number two: wind energy construction
Another European boom will be in the Scania region, where demand for large crane equipment has been falling short of supply. More than 6.6 trillion euros in wind-power spending has generated more than 1 billion euros in revenue in Finland, Norway and Sweden, leaving crane companies struggling to keep up with demand and a country where big projects are routinely outsourced to foreign companies. In recent years, these regions will continue to see significant investment activities in land wind power generation, and if Chinese crane companies can get a share of this market, it will drive the overall development of China's crane industry, according to China Machinery Network.
"During the recent economic downturn around the world, although most markets are depressed, the situation varies from place to place," he said. 'The east is not good, the west is good.' This is the inevitable development. If one place is bad, it does not mean the whole is bad, just as some markets in Europe are good, and there are also emerging markets. It depends on how you identify opportunities and how you mobilize production and exports.